Sept. 2008

We have 3 indoor pools kept at 88 degrees year round. We have been using Heatsavr now for a few years and love the fact that when our pools are not covered with our solar blanket our Heatsavr Liquid Solar cover is in the water helping us keep our natural gas and water bill down. We cover our pools every night with a solar blanket and have our auto feeders inject the Heatsavr in the pools 1st thing every morning at 8am. So, duriing the day if there is a break in the pool, or only one side of the Jr Olympic pool is being used and there is little wave action the Heatsavr is working helping water evaporation.

This is important with humidity in an indoor pool and it helps keep the heat in theh pool which with the cost of natural gas these days every therm counts.

I have noticed less moisture on our windows in our pool areas when the pool is uncovered and not in use with Heatsavr in the water. Heatsavr will pay for itself in no time with the savings on water and gas alone.

Brad Grzelka
Atlanta Swim Academy
Marietta, Ga