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Resort Reduces Fuelbutlins graph

Consumption by 38%  and

Reaps 540 % Return


Liquid Pool Blanket

Visitors to the large 1300 square metre Butlins Splash Pool Complex at Bognor Regis like their temperatures sub-tropical and their water rides wet and wild.

The fabulous Splash Waterworld, full of rides and slides, flumes and bubbles is one of the most popular attractions on the resort and can accommodate well over 1000 visitors per day.

However, for Mr. Ian Shanahan, Resort Technical Services Manager keeping the swimmers warm and controlling the building environment does have its price. So when Ian was contacted to discuss the savings that could be made by the Heatsavr liquid pool blanket, he was only too happy to listen.

With energy savings in focus, most pool operators are aware of the tremendous savings that can be achieved by covering a pool when not in use. For many however, this has been limited or prevented by practical considerations. But now more and more commercial pools are discovering that there is an easy, practical and inexpensive alternative in the form of a liquid pool blanket called Heatsavr.

The Butlins fun and leisure pool at Bognor is just one example. Since the introduction of Heatsavr in September 2003, Ian has been monitoring the results and was delighted when the cost of energy, in the first year alone, fell by around £35,000 per annum.  With the subsequent steep rise in the cost of energy today’s savings are nearer £58,000. Since the cost of Heatsavr  works out at about £9,000 per annum this now represents a staggering 540% return on investment!

butlins graph

Above savings are based on 2003 energy prices

Actual current savings nearer £58,000 at 2006 prices

Net Return on Investment Over 540% at current prices

Heatsavr liquid is self-spreading and works by forming a monomolecular layer over the entire surface of the pool that remains intact when the pool is calm.

It can significantly reduce evaporation, which can account for anything between 70% and 90% of pool water heat loss. But on indoor pools in doesn’t just produce savings in water heating – because evaporation is reduced, the dehumidification system has less work to do and when the pool is unoccupied the hall air temperature can be maintained at a set back level.

Heatsavr breaks apart whenever the water is disturbed, although as soon as the water becomes calm again the protective layer reforms. Thus Heatsavr is a flexible cover, available 24 hours a day that works whenever and wherever the pool is calm, as opposed to a conventional cover, which can only be used when the pool is closed.