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Heatsavr works. That’s the bottom line. Temperature control is crucial for the pool at our Wellness Center and Physical Therapy Facility. Our clientele simply cannot tolerate water that is not appropriately warm.

We are open year round and our pool is in an outdoor pool house. It is no small feat to have the water heated to within the limits required. With Heatsavr in the water we have confidence the temperature will be right, even at 530 in the morning when we open. It is a cinch to use; our staff loves it because we no longer have to deal with an uncooperative manual pool cover! It was a happy day when we removed the heat blanket for the last time! We are very pleased with Heatsavr’s performance.

Joan B. Falldine
Certified Pool Operator
Cantrell Wellness Center
405 Osigian Blvd
Waarner Robins, GA 31088