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August 15, 2003

Robert Thompson
Jasper's Clear Pool Wholesale
Tempe, Arizona

Dear Robert,

This is a letter of recommendation for Heat Saver, the liquid pool blanket system, I purchased from Jasper's in November 2002, for the San Cervantes Apartment Community.
During the 2002 Winter Pool Season, Heat Saver was used on our 102,000 gallon beach lagoon pool. We saved a significant amount on our gas heating costs, compared to the previous year. The system was easy to install and use. Our two large water features ran from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM, while our four pool heaters maintained an 82 degree water temperature. Nine ounces of Heat Saver was injected into the pool every night, after 9:00 PM. Heat Saver worked well. In fact, I won an award from our management company for the substantial savings in gas heating costs for our property over a four month period.

I am able to highly recommend Heat Saver to any property management company heating a pool and wishing to save money on gas bills.

Thank you, Robert, for introducing the Heat Saver System to me and Mark Taylor Residential.

Rickey Ross
Maintenance Supervisor
San Cervantes