A Casa Bella Hotel
Palm Springs, CA

Sent by: Laurence Gourlay

A Casa Bella Hotel began using HEAT$AVR in Oct 1994. Our pool is 30' by 50' and heated by natural gas. During our desert winter here in Palm Springs, our long term guests prefer the pool temperature at 85-86 degrees. In the past our utility bill averaged $1300 - $1500 per month. Since using the required amount of your HEAT$AVR product (4oz/day) the gas bills have been reduced dramatically by at least 30% in savings. We would like to render a most visual proof to describe you product in action.

During a November evening we applied HEAT$AVR to our pool. It was a cool evening - about 40 degrees. Steam was coming off the surface of the pool. After your product was in the pool and by the time I was back in the office (approx. 3-4 minutes), more than half of the pool had not steam rising and within 5 minutes there was virtually no steam rising from the entire pool surface. Positive proof it works.

Prior to HEAT$AVR we used a pool cover which was pulled onto the pool every night and removed in the morning - labor we no longer require. Here in the desert, pool covers last us 2 years before they have to be replaced at a cost of $300, a very large saving in itself.