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In July 2001 we completed the building of the second 25-metre pool at our Geelong Complex, and we knew that we would need a pool cover as soon as possible for this pool. We currently have a blanket on the first pool and are well aware of the heat and water savings that the cover had made. Since pool covers are expensive, it was decided to compare blankets on the market. We defined it as a high priority task to find a satisfactory blanket within the first six months.

We realized very quickly that we had a problem with condensation and dampness in the facility of the 25-metre pool, which soon became a major problem. Barwon pools who does all of our maintenance suggested that we at least consider Heat$avr as a short-term solution. This was closely looked at from a cost point of view, because of the possibility using it on all three of our pools. We agreed that we would at least try it for a short period.

Within days of starting to use the product we noticed the effect it began to have. It completely solved the condensation problem and as a result, when the complex was opened at 6 am in the morning it was dry. We also noticed that there was minimal heat loss from the pool. We then began to use it on all three pools in the facility.

Obvious evidence of solving the condensation problem was apparent to us in the morning when the Swim Club would start using the white board. Previous to using Heat$avr the boards were unusable because of dampness. Once the product was implemented the boards became dry and usable in the morning. This is a great reflection of the effectiveness Heat$avr has on both the pool and the building.

The cost of running the pool has been reduced by approximately 17-20%. The other 25-metre pool, which we are no longer putting the plastic cover on regularly, but instead using Heat$avr, has not seen any increases in operating costs.

We are completely satisfied with the results and especially the savings the liquid solar blanket has made. The effect on the facility has been significant, as the building is completely dry now. Currently we are using Heat$avr in the 3 pools at the Geelong Aquatics Centre, and the 2 pools at our Portarlington Complex.


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