Lorrimar Family Swim School
Irrewillipe, Australia

Sent by: Lorraine Martin
Date sent: January 2, 1999

Dear Peter:

I was so impressed with HEAT$AVR that when Aqua Science asked me in July 1998 to do a controlled scientific trial I said yes instantly.

We had a problem with condensation in the winter, causing dripping from rafters and lost of moisture on walls and windows in the pool area.

Using HEAT$AVR we have elliminated the dripping and almost all moisture from the walls and windows in the pool area. Our gas cost for pool heating has also been reduced.

It was found during the trial that HEAT$AVR had no detrimental effect on water quality and bather comfort was also completely unaffected. (I spend 30 hours a week in the water). I have found HEAT$AVR to be a fantastic product which I will continue to use.