Mirage Resort
Las Vegas, NV

Sent by: Stuart McDaniel
Marine Operations

Mirage Resorts will not allow me, at this time to endorse your product. Because of that I can only supply an overview of my initial findings. Until such time as I am able to conclude my program and get data from the other deparments upon their completion of purchase requirements, the following can unofficially be stated. The brining tank associated with the dolphin pool contains 10,000 gallons of water. Surface area is 260 feet square. Using HEAT$AVR, evaporation is down over 40% and odor is greatly reduced. I estimate energy use to maintain 71 degrees F has been reduced 50%. I indicated to you that I had spoken with the other department heads and an order for another 12 gallons of HEAT$AVR will follow shortly. I trust this will, for now, fit your needs.