North Vancouver Recreation Commission
Vancouver, BC

Sent by: David Naysmith, P.Eng
Manager, Facility Engineer
Date sent: May 3, 1994

Dear Dan:


I am very happy to provide Flexible Solutions this letter of reference for your HEAT$AVR energy saving pool additive.

Based on the original test results conducted in May 1991 at our Ron Andrews recreation centre, we have continued to purchase and add HEAT$AVR to all of our swimming pools and hot tubs in North Vancouver.

Without further monitoring of our heating and HVAC systems, it would prove difficult to determine exactly how much energy saving HEAT$AVR is actually providing, particularly as a number of other energy power smart iniatives have also been initiated throughout the commission facilities. However, I am confident that the original test data was a fair comparison of the anticipated benefits.

In reviewing our annual energy consumption and costs for the three swimming pools using HEAT$AVR, I have noted no significant increase for the past two years, which leads me to conclude that our annual purchase of HEAT$AVR totaling $1,620.00 is certainly contributing to our reduced energy consumption.