Port Aquatic Centre
Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia

Sent by: Richard Love
Date sent: July 30, 1996

To Peter King,

Thank you for the sample supply of your product HEAT$AVR. We used the product for most of June 96 and 2 weeks of July 96.

As all our gas heating bills have not yet been analyzed, it is hard to give a percise savings figure as a common gas supply feeds our SOM pool and our Hydrotherapy & Learn to Swim pools and these are maintained at different termperatures.

The HEAT$AVR was trialled in the SOM pool which is maintained at 27 degress C. My preliminary calculations indicate savings in gas of $120 per week.

While condensation in the centre decreased, it did not reduce as much as I hoped, however the result was still good. Please could we have some more!!