Resthaven by the Sea
Sidney, BC

Sent by: E. Ceulatirs
Strata Council Chairman
Date sent: June 14, 1991

To Whom it May Concern,

The committee members of the Strata Council for Resthaven by the Sea were looking for a solution to excess humidity in the swimming and hot tub area of our Recreation Centre. We conducted a test with HEAT$AVR, a product of Flexible Solutions Ltd. which when added to our pool effectively reduced the humidity to an acceptable level.

The relative humidity of the pool and hot tub area was remarkably reduced. In about 20 minutes of the application of HEAT$AVR despite the presence of a swimmer in the pool the relative humidity meter showed a reduction from about 50% to 20% and remained there for an hour. During that time the ventilation system added outside air, which caused an increase in relative humidity, but HEAT$AVR again brought the relative humidity quickly down to about 20%.

We have used the product for about 12 months and found it very satisfactory and will continue to use it to control humidity in the pool and hot tub area and to save heat and pool chemicals.

The product noticeably enhances the pool's appearance, suppressing ripples and generally giving the appearance of a reflecting pool when not in use.